Teepee slumber party is a popular choice for childrens’ parties. You may have some questions, hopefully you will find answers below. If not, simply contact us here and I will respond as soon as possible or call us on 07561 798 458.

Can the teepees be used outside?

Unfortunately not. All of our equipment is for indoor use only

How long is the teepee hire for and who sets them up?

Generally, we aim for an afternoon setup on the day of the party. It takes approx 1-2 hours for us to set everything up and get it looking perfect! Then we will come back the next day around late morning /midday and pack it all up for you. Packing up takes around 1 hour. However, we are flexible on the times wherever possible, so please ask us and we shall try and accomodate.

How much space do I need for a slumber party

Each guest will need 175cm (length) x 100cm (width) to accommodate one Teepee and mattress.We usually place the breakfast tray at the end of the bed which is an extra 36cm but if space is tight we can place the tray on the bed. Please contact us with measurements if you are unsure about the number of Teepees that will fit into your room. We are always happy to offer advice and arrange a layout.

Please ensure that a suitable area has been cleared before we arrive to set up.

Is there an age limit for a teepee party?

We recommend that children should be a minimum of 6 years old to use the Teepees and equipment. There is no upper age limit.

When do I pay?

Full payment can be made on delivery either in cash or using online bank transfer.

What happens if the equipment is damaged or broken during a party?

We understand that accidents can happen especially with excited children but we expect all guests to treat the equipment with care and respect. In the unlikely event that an item is lost or damaged beyond repair ,we will ask for the cost price so we can replace the item.

Do the kids needs to bring anything?

No, we supply everything  for the ultimate sleepover!

Do you set up sleepovers in apartments / flats?

We can only set up sleepovers on ground floor apartments due to the amount of heavy bags and large equipment we use.

What area do you cover?

We cover an approximate 10 mile radius from Weybridge, Surrey.

If you are a little further afield please contact us as we may need to charge a delivery fee.

Will you need to park directly in front of my house?

We will need to park as close to your front door as possible ,if you do not have a drive way please ensure there is space for our van to park on the road.

We have full Public Liability Insurance.